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Bluetooth Cevre Ayg?t? Drivers Download Install Update

See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Stop the painful research of looking for the best car stereo because you have found it. I bought this for use with my VW Van. Stereos are getting easier to install these days. The wiring harnesses are decent and by now, the connections are much simpler. I had this installed in my van in about 30 minutes time, including the time to wire the mic.

It was dead simple! I chose this because overall, I like JVC products. This is now my 3rd unit, one of which I sold with a previous car. My other car also has a JVC and I like it. PROs I like the ease of use.

The software is logical and getting to features is easy. I didn't even need to read the manual to set the clock! It works for me. Hands free pairing with multiple phones iOS and Android No issues with clarity. Bluetooth sounds good, too. Last of it's kind: You never know when you will need it! Having a CD player is great for long trips where your cellphone doesn't have a signal for your radio!

I plugged in a USB stick with my audio library on it. Navigating the library is easy. Using shuffle is fun, too! Awesome for use with a camper! CONs I dug deep on this to find a con. I could not find any CONs. It does everything I want and the price is totally affordable! I recommend this unit for anyone needing a decent BlueTooth solution for their car.

Seems rather quiet for it's output rating, compared to a Kenwood I bought twenty years back which, at the same power rating, could deafen me. Seems to take a LONG time, comparatively speaking, between power on and sound production - not a bit deal unless you are trying to catch something important and switch the ignition from "on" to "accessory", at which point the unit powers off and on again.

It takes so long to "boot up" again you might think it ran Microsoft Windows. Otherwise a nice enough unit. Not the most intuitive user interface, but that is common for something with so few buttons to control it with. Two and a half years in unit is randomly shutting off and turning on in it's disgustingly slow fashion. We thought it was an Apple authentic Lightning cable. Then it started with a micro USB cable.

Which means it's something about the unit itself. Acts like a loose connection or a circuit breaker auto resetting itself. Also now distorts audio when it gets into it's bizarro mood. Acts normal most of the time, but I know it's not going to magically fix itself!!! Also, after long term use of this unit, I have to say it might have bluetooth, but it only just barely meets specification. Getting it to pair and stay paired to any device iPhone 5s or 6s, Nexus 7 tablet, or LG tablet is inane.

When it pairs it stays paired Other bluetooth devices automatically repair when they come back into range of any of these exact same devices. One person found this helpful. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I have this unit installed in my 95 Mercedes Benz E,it fits well and the Bluetooth mic clips on the inside of the driver side A pillar. Sound is much better than stock,I do have stock speakers mind you,and it has a good EQ preset selection. So far its more durable than I though,the knob has not fallen off like others I have had in the past,Pandora works well as do USB,and the Bluetooth in car audio for streaming fron my phone.

My only grip is the fm radio search wanders a lot. There was a problem loading comments right now. I got this radio in Nov I did not install it until April 14th and when I turned it on it played great for fifteen min and then it stopped the light went out and it is dead , there is power to the plug and has a good ground it should be working but nothing. I checked into sending it back and found out that Jan 25 was the last day I could return it so it looks like I have a new boat anchor , so read the conditions of returns and save your self some grief.

Unless your looking for a new boat anchor pay attention Installation was straight forward with proper cable harness and dash kit. Once installed, pairing with iPhone 4s was easy, and permanent barring my battery dying.

The interface is a busy and dated, and the build quality is average, but overall this head unit delivers. I have an old car - a 14 year old Subaru with some good miles on it but still plenty left to go. Since I plan on having my car for a while, I decided to replace my old Sony head unit with something that worked. The old one was just tired out. It has bluetooth that syncs up nicely with my iPhone. Phone conversations can be routed through the speakers for hands-free operation a requirement where I live and a microphone can be routed through the console to provide clear voice for the person on the other end.

Bonus feature - Siri is more interactive with this unit, repeating text messages I am about to send and answering a variety of questions through the car speakers. Bluetooth capability also works for XM Sirius app on iPhone, nice to have that available as well. Audio quality is good, not as much power as I had in my previous Sony but then again, I don't want to blow my speakers like I did when I was younger.

A good EQ allows for the listener to find that sweet spot for their speakers and go from there. The menu system is a bit tedious to get through but that isn't enough to drop it down from 5 stars for me. It provides a lot of options for display, brightness, auto-answer on phonecalls, etc, so that's why it takes so much to get through. Some people knock it, I can deal with it considering what else this stereo can do.

A remote does allow for the listener to cruise through 18 preset FM stations without having to look down from the wheel as well as change between audio sources. Overall, a great stereo that was easy to install, easy to setup, and is a joy to use. This radio works awesome. I am a big fan of JVC. The bluetooth works great and was easy to connect.

It made the factory speakers in my Jeep Cherokee sound so much better. Listening to Pandora is fun. Fit well with a install kit from the dealership. I choose this stereo because of its integrated Bluetooth capabilities.

Worked seamlessly with my cellphone Android 2. So far I tested making phone calls and playing music from it and it sounds great. I did face an issue. I read on internet a way to connect them and I could only found a forum that said that if I connected the illumination from the stereo to the dimmer same color I will blow my light circuit of the dashboard, while other forums said that i should just follow the colors that match. I decided to avoid any risk and did not connected either illumination or dimmer cables to anything.

I put tape on them and everything works fine. Seems like I wont be able to take advantage of the dimming or illumination capabilities of the stereo, but I rather not risk loosing my dashboard lights.

Apart from that, the stereo is awesome. I will try the iPod control during the week as well as USB. One more thing, for the price I got it, it is really a bargain! This radio was fairly easy to install, and sync with our Bluetooth phones. I sounds and looks great. My only comment is that it has so many features it takes quite some time to go through the manual and set it up.

For the price of this radio you can't beat it. The bluetooth works great the ipod controls are easy and works good with my ipod 4th gen.

Bluetooth Cevre Ayg?t? Drivers Download

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Bluetooth Cevre Ayg?t? Drivers Download

See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Stop the painful research of looking for the best car stereo because you have found it. I bought this for use with my VW Van. Stereos are getting easier to install these days. The wiring harnesses are decent and by now, the connections are much simpler.

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