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LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold to governmental entities as commercial items as defined by 48 C.

This manual is intended only for trained servicers who are familiar with Lenovo products. Use this manual to troubleshoot problems effectively. Safety information Safety information This chapter presents the following safety information that you need to get familiar with before you service a Lenovo computer: Safety information Electrical safety Observe the following rules when working on electrical equipments. Use only approved tools and test equipments.

Some hand tools have handles covered with a soft material that does not insulate you when working with live electrical currents. Many customers have rubber floor mats near their machines that contain small conductive fibers to decrease electrostatic discharges.

Examples of these hazards are moist floors, nongrounded power extension cables, power surges, and missing safety grounds. Check for cracked or bulging batteries. Check for any obvious non-Lenovo alterations. Use good judgment as to the safety of any non-Lenovo alterations. Check inside the unit for any obvious unsafe conditions, such as metal filings, contamination, water or other liquids, or signs of fire or smoke damage. Lenovo IdeaPad S Hardware Maintenance Manual Handling devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge Any computer part containing transistors or integrated circuits ICs should be considered sensitive to electrostatic discharge ESD.

ESD damage can occur when there is a difference in charge between objects. Protect against ESD damage by equalizing the charge so that the machine, the part, the work mat, and the person handling the part are all at the same charge. Safety information Safety notices: Safety notice 1 Before the computer is powered on after FRU replacement, make sure all screws, springs, and other small parts are in place and are not left loose inside the computer.

Do not disassemble a standby battery, recharge it, throw it into fire or water, or short-circuit it. Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances or regulations. Do not disassemble it, throw it into fire or water, or short-circuit it. Dispose of the battery pack as required by local ordinances or regulations. Use only the battery in the appropriate parts listing when replacing the battery pack.

Safety information Safety notice 5 If the LCD breaks and the fluid from inside the LCD gets into your eyes or on your hands, immediately wash the affected areas with water at least for 15 minutes. Seek medical care if any symptoms caused by the fluid are present after washing. Safety information Safety notice 8 DANGER Before removing any FRU, turn off the computer, unplug all power cords from electrical outlets, remove the battery pack, and then disconnect any interconnecting cables.

Such devices are also sold separately as options. If one of these drives is installed, it is certified in the U. Do not stare into the beam, do not view directly with optical instruments, and avoid direct exposure to the beam. To download software fixes, drivers, and BIOS, follow the steps below: Enter the serial number or select a product or use Lenovo smart downloading. Important service information Use the following strategy to prevent unnecessary expense for replacing and servicing FRUs: RoHS requirements must be implemented on Lenovo products placed on the market after June Products on the market before June are not required to have RoHS compliant parts.

General checkout General checkout This chapter presents the following information: Lenovo IdeaPad S Hardware Maintenance Manual What to do first When you do return an FRU, you must include the following information in the parts exchange form or parts return form that you attach to it: Name and phone number of servicer 2. If the voltage is acceptable, do the following: Noise from the AC adapter does not always indicate a defect. If the battery status indicator or icon does not light on, remove the battery pack and let it return to room temperature.

Reinstall the battery pack. If the charge indicator or icon is still off, replace the battery pack. Insert the bootable Start Recovery Disc into the optical drive.

When the Lenovo logo comes up, immediately press F12; on the boot sequence menu, select the optical drive as the first boot-up device. Windows screen is displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows setup. Passwords As many as three passwords may be needed for any Lenovo computer: Related service information Power management Note: Power management modes are not supported for APM operating system. To reduce power consumption, the computer has three power management modes: Specifications Feature Description Processor Lenovo IdeaPad S Table 1.

Lenovo IdeaPad S Table 2. Status indicators Indicator Meaning On solid white: Power on The computer is powered on. The computer is in sleep mode. The computer is powered off. Battery On solid white: By pressing the appropriate hotkey, you can change system settings instantly.

The following describes the function of each hotkey. This section presents notices related to removing and replacing parts. Read this section carefully before replacing any FRU. Screw notices Loose screws can cause a reliability problem. In the Lenovo computer, this problem is addressed with special nylon-coated screws that have the following characteristics: The illustrations used in this section are of the Lenovo U, unless otherwise stated.

Any other battery could ignite or explode. Removal steps of battery pack Unlock the manual latch. Slide the spring-loaded latch to the unlocked position to eject the battery pack. Removal steps of battery pack continued Open the back cover along the device frame with a flat blade in the direction shown by arrows and then lift the back cover in the direction shown by arrow The hard disk drive is sensitive to physical shock.

Improper handling can cause damages and permanent loss of data. Removal steps of hard disk drive continued Remove four screws and detach the metal frame from the hard disk drive.

Step Screw quantity Color Torque M3. Removal steps of DIMM Release the two latches on both edges of the socket at the same time in the direction shown by arrows Lenovo IdeaPad S Figure 4. Removal steps of fan assembly and heat sink assembly Unplug the fan connector in the direction shown by arrow When installing: Make sure that the fan connector is attached firmly to the system board.

Lenovo IdeaPad S Figure 5. Removal steps of fan assembly and heat sink assembly continued Lift the fan assembly and heat sink assembly in the direction shown by arrow. Be careful not to damage the connector. Removal steps of keyboard Remove screws Lenovo IdeaPad S Figure 6. Removal steps of keyboard continued Lift the keyboard a little , and then detach the connector in the direction shown by arrow When installing: Make sure that the FPC connector is attached firmly.

When handling the system board, bear the following in mind. Lenovo IdeaPad S Figure 7. Removal steps of system board continued Remove two screws , then remove the RJ door. Removal steps of system board continued Unplug DC-IN cable connector in the direction , speakers connector disconnect the LCD connector in the direction , power board connector in the direction , TP connector in the direction , LED board connector When installing: Make sure that all the connectors are attached firmly.

Apply those labels when you replace the base cover. For labels which are not shipped with the new base cover, peel them from the replaced base cover and adhere them to the new one. Parts list—Overall FRU no. Lenovo IdeaPad S Table 4. Parts list—Overall continued FRU no. Lenovo IdeaPad S Table 6. Parts list—Miscellaneous parts System miscellaneous parts: Lenovo IdeaPad S Power cords A Lenovo power cord for a specific country or region is usually available only in that country or region: Lenovo IdeaPad S Table 9.

The result obtained in other operating environments may vary.

Lenovo Laptop S400 Driver Download

Lenovo ideapad S400

You may be very annoyed when you see the screen of your Lenovo laptop flicker or blink very often. In fact, many Lenovo laptop users have encountered this issue. This issue can result from many reasons. Your laptop screen may flicker because you are using wrong or out-of-date drivers or BIOS. You may also get this issue when there are hardware problems on your laptop.

Drivers for Lenovo IdeaPad S400 Touch Laptop

Lenovo Laptop S400 Driver Download

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